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To improve engagement, productivity, competitiveness and profitability, companies all need to change at some point. Our solutions in business transformation are based on 4 levers:

 Business Strategy


Enterprise Architecture

Human Capital

Business Strategy

  • Organizational diagnosis
  • Strategic thinking and planning
  • Implementation of business strategies

  • Structures, roles and responsibilities
  • Business processes
  • Management key indicators
Enterprise Architecture

  • Information, systems and functions architecture
  • Support in the choice of technological solutions

  • Management of strategic, operational, technological and human change
  • Team building and engagement
  • Implementation of communication and training strategies
  • Business Coaching
Human Capital

Looking for specialists to help you in your strategic, operational, technological or human transformation, let’s talk about it!

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For nearly 10 years, our team of transformation specialists has successfully completed more than 150 mandates with a very diversified clientele.


Atelya is a growing organization that accompanies medium-sized and large companies that want to innovate and think outside the box.

We currently have a number of opportunities for you. So, if you are passionate about your work, have solid accomplishments and want to be part of an innovative and fun team in full growth, join us!

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